Amity University celebrates Korean Culture Day

Colour ful paper lanterns, traditional dolls and students singing a folk song, Arirang, marked the inaugural ceremony of Korean Culture Day at Amity University on Wednesday. In a first, the university organised two-day long festivities on the occasion in association with the Korean Cultural Centre of India (trung tam tieng han).

Students of the university also performed on K-pop songs and enacted in Korean drama, more popularly known as ‘K-drama’. The students from the school’s own K-pop team, AmiKo, danced and rapped to many famous K-pop songs. Draped in traditional Korean dresses, known as hanboks, students also performed the legend of Suri Ratna, a princess from Ayodhya who is believed to have married Korean king Kim Suro.

South Koreans form the second largest community of ex-pats in the city after Afghans.

Shin Bongkil, ambassador, The Republic of Korea, said K-pop has played a huge hand in taking Korean language and culture to various corners of the country. “The Korean wave actually started in the northeast. When I visited Assam, I was surprised to come across some 5,000 die-hard fans of Korean boy band BTS,” he said.

Students of KCCI also gave a Samul nori( a kind of percussion music) performance.

The vice-chancellor of the university, PB Sharma, also announced a special cell that will help in exchange of ideas between India and Korea. “The exchange between India and Korea is not just of culture but also of technology and commerce. We are working on a cell that will help make a soft landing for startups in India and likewise work as a soft landing for startups from Korea to India,” he said.

Cannot create local users if you are using Chinese, Japanese, or Korean IME on Windows 10

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