Armed Security Officer Jobs – On Duties and Risks

For each and every building, establishment, event, and facility, from banks, schools, hotels, housing facilities, restaurants, to concerts, armored vehicles, parks, and what not. it is not unusual you will find an armed security officer or personnel. Primarily, security personnel are employed to protect assets, people, and properties.

But did you understand there are different classifications of armed security officer jobs available? These are:

*In-house or proprietary


*Public Security

*Private Patrol Officers


‘In-house’or’proprietary’security personnel are the ones that are increasingly being employed directly by the organization or organization they’re serving, like in theme parks, malls, hotels, etc.’Contract’ identifies those people who are employed by private security companies, who provides manpower to plenty of locations.’Public Security”Private Police Officers’or “security police” normally are focused on specific properties and persons.’Private patrol officers’are vehicle officers assigned to patrol multiple premises. Officers who engage in criminal investigations and arrests are known as’Parapolice ‘.

Common as they seem, and sorry to say, being underrated, these security officers play a large role inside our day-to-day dealings. With a high skill set and intensive training requirement, this is simply not the work for the faint at heart, that even using what seems to become a big pool of security workforce, plenty of posts for armed personal security officers Houston Texas officer jobs are unfilled. Thus, a whopping demand at a worldwide scale in almost any field imaginable

To stop and deter crimes or illegal activities, security officers maintain high public visibility, observe for signs of (crime, disorder, fire, threats, etc), and reports incidents to proper authorities, as the most obvious tasks performed. Furthermore, they either observe directly or indirectly. An example of direct observation is when a security officer is on patrol. On another hand, indirect observation can be achieved through watching over security systems, videos, surveillance screens, and the like.

Now, to be able to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities, security officers are trained for the next:

1. Arrest and control procedures

2. Emergency equipment operation

3. Medical

4. Accurate notes taking

5. Detailed report writing

6. Other tasks required by the employer/companies

Some would even require additional trainings and license for different weapons, like firearms, pepper spray. Police certification is essential for other special duties.

Job opportunities are plenty locally and abroad, with a wide variety of duties to choose from. This type of job can be rewarding for one’s self worth, and let us not forget, financially, considering its highly competitive salary, compensation and benefit packages. But we’ve to remember that alongside the duties, responsibilities, and financial benefits, being a front liner, makes a security officer one of the initial targets to be impaired by criminals. But when you yourself have a calling for protecting a procedure, facilities personnel, visitors and such from harm, then proceed, be one. Keeping our surroundings safe and secure from harm, armed security officer jobs are just some of what can be respected and looked up to. 


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